Looking for anyone that may have knowledge of or history on any of the tracks in the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey areas.  Below is a person to contact about any such information.  Also, looking for Vintage drivers and cars to join the Vintage Club.   So if you know anyone who may be interested have them contact Jerry or my site.

Jerry Carr   302-846-9601

ALSO:  Now starting for the 2006 season www.Redbud69racing.com   will be starting Redbud's Classics which will be pages of old photos, of cars, drivers, and tracks from the Delmarva areas of tracks still running or closed on the web.  A blast from the past or keeping the old alive, is what we hope to do so many viewers can enjoy or reminisce of days gone by.  Send photos to Redbud by email, snail mail, or in person to have them posted.  My address is : 

Bonnie Nibblett

%Redbud's Classics

P. O. Box 427

Delmar, DE 19940 

email: redbud69racing@aol.com

Please if you mail photos either send me copies you don't need back or a postage paid self addressed return envelope to send the photo back.  Jerry is also still collecting photos for his collection, this addition web page is not from him unless Jerry has photos you want posted.  Thank you.