WELCOME to our Town and a trip to check in on SANTA and the reindeer

along the way to the North Pole!              



     Look, there's caroling going on in town, join in and sing along         





Across the town you can see the snow is falling in the Downtown Main Street area.


Listen To A Musical  " Twas The Night Before Christmas Story "  Here



As you pass through the center of town you will see other houses that are decorated for Christmas.





Wait? Is that the North Star I see in the Distance?  I believe it is?  



        Look a candle is lit for ALL the brave soldiers defending the United States and the World.

 Please Visit for our guys and send a message! (Opens in a new window so you can continue the tour or come back after the tour)

   Looks like it's the end of a parade with Santa going by in his sled in town wishing for

    "Peace on Earth"  I see the area is protected with soldiers watching over all.                         



Chat with Santa - At this site, you can chat with Santa Claus for free via a live, interactive Webcast. You can also send your Christmas requests directly to Santa's desktop and watch as he reads them over the Web.



                On down the road we go, with more houses decorated and a snowman 




Be careful the roads can be slippery as we slide along. 

Look it's my house let's stop and warm up




            Thanks for stopping by!                            

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas to All   



Aw!  A Sleigh ride! What fun!

                        The train is passing through town and around the tracks                    



Off in the distance we must be getting closer to the NORTH POLE I am sure we will soon be there!








    You can see skiers, and kids on sleighs in the distance.  Look I see a friend shoveling snow 



      As the kids throw snowballs, and look its Mr. O' Nick coming with a tree and

Mr. Holiday is working at the tree shop                   

Christmas Trees For Sale




Do you  see the tree you want to take home?



       We must be getting closer to the NORTH POLE  I saw a sign, saying Santa's Xing



                Look I see SANTA down in the barn with the reindeers. 

Can you name all of them?  Can you find Rudolph?     







  There are a couple reindeer outside in the field playing and I see SANTA'S Sleigh with some gifts already loaded and SANTA'S house where I bet Mrs. Claus is inside baking cookies.  No! She is checking on all boys and  girls to let Santa know if you have been naughty or nice?    






       animated gif

Maybe we better check in on the elves and see how the toys are going before we leave the North Pole. Well, all seems to be on schedule.  The Elves all seem busy decorating the tree, checking Santa's mail, and making all the toys to be ready for Santa to deliver very soon.

   I hope you liked our little town visit and seeing the North Pole and Santa getting ready to fly.

Make sure you track SANTA (click on the Santa word) on his flight Christmas Eve or send him a letter, too. 

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