2010 Delaware International Speedway A C Delco TSS Modified Champion Joseph Tracy 37J




2010 Delaware International Speedway Big Block Modified Kenny Brightbill # 55 battles H J Bunting III # 85


Continued Reviews From The 2010 Racing Season



December 30, 2010

Bonnie Nibblett


Delmar, DEÖ..What a season!  Racing this year has ended for 2010, but the raciní action was fast, hot, close, entertaining, competitive, and just plain fun.  The Delaware International Speedway was no let down all season.  Our local drivers that race every weekend sure put on talented moves, invigorating, and on the edge of your seat finishes.  I sure hope you were able to come watch some of the great racing in Delaware.


The official last pointís race was back on Sept. 25.  The Big Block Modified pointís battle came down to the very last lap.  Matt Jester, # 62, of Lincoln, DE was the second place contender all season long racking up 5 wins for the year.  Jesterís first win of the year was not until week 5, May 7, 2010.  Jester came so close to getting his 1st BB Championship, but it was not in the cards. 


Long time and veteran driver Kenny Brightbill # 55, Sinking Springs, PA, took the title this year; it was his first ever track championship at Delaware.  This was the first time Brightbill had run a full season at Delmar or many a year since he ran full time here if he had ever.  Brightbill drove the Keith Coulbourne Farms big block all season, claiming 5 wins as well.  Brightbill started the season of the year as the man to beat.  The team changed to a new car mid stream and Brightbill never got another win after June 12.  He was close, but close does not count in racing.  Of coarse it was the new car everyone figured, because of superstitious beliefs, or having to find something to blame no more wins on.  I doubt that was why, but you always got to find fault somewhere.   Also, another quirk came down to the very end with Jester & Brightbill at the start of the last points feature.  It was just digits apart between them, but the night ended with Brightbill winning by 55 points.  That was wild cause he drives # 55.


Personally, I had never seen Brightbill race as many races as a driver would do to compete for the champ title before.  I know he has a big fan base, too.  But, watching him this year drive the way he does was very impressive; no wonder he has the fan base he does.  Being the veteran, he drove patiently, started 10th or wherever and the next thing you see him on the next lap heís 7th, the next lap 5th, and so on to the checkered for a win.  Brightbill had some races he could not finish with mechanical or wrecks being the one of reasons why.


Other favorite contenders and past champion H J Bunting III, # 85, was the defending champion last year.  This year he came in 3rd, due to mostly not finishing features with either mechanical woes or wrecks.  Bunting took home 3 wins this season.  Joseph Watson # 39, came in 4th, and never took the checkered victory.  Consistent finishes plays a big factor for all the drivers contending the pointís battle.  Bringing in the 5th place finish went to Robert Dutton # 888; all 3 drivers come from Milford, DE.  Dutton did not take any wins either all season.  Other drivers that did win features went to Jordan Watson # 1J, Chad Clark # H2O, Howard OíNeal# 09, Rick Laubach # 7, and Jamie Mills # 30.  Mills more than likely would had finished in the top 5, but a serious wreck on Aug 21, 2010 took Mills out of the car for 3 months as the soonest he could drive again.  Mills suffered a big concussion and was hospitalized 2 days.  So Mills overall finished with 4 wins and finished 6th in track points. Hope to see him back in contention in 2011.  The remaining top 10 went to Beau Wilkins, Chad Clark, Jordan Watson, and Brad Trice.   It was Triceísí first year in big blocks, and he was the recipient of the Redbud69racing.com 2010 Rookie of the Year. There were 8 different winners out of the season.  The total finishes of all the drivers can be viewed at www.redbud69racing.com.


The track Banquet & Awards ceremonies will be Jan. 29, 2011 at the Dover Downs Hotel & Conference Center, Dover, Downs, Dover, DE; tickets can be purchased  by contacting the tracks office at 302-875-1911 M-F 9AM - 4PM. 


The US 13 Dragway will toast the champions on Jan. 28, 2011 at the Dover Downs Hotel & Conference Center, Dover, DE as well. 


The AC Delco TSS Modified Championship went to first time DIS Track Champion Joseph Tracy, # 37J, out of Gumboro, DE.  Tracy came close last year by only 45 points behind, but he sealed the deal this year.  Tracy had 3 wins all season, with many top 5ís & 10ís with consistent finishes.  Tracy won the first win of the year on opening night for 2010.  Tracy had pretty well wrapped up the championship before the last pointsí race in Sept. but he still had to work hard for it too.  That division of racers really could have any one of the drivers win a feature with the closeness they race.   There were 9 different winners for the year.


Second & third place in points was the battle for this class.  It was John Curtis # 17, of Harrington, that took 2nd place and by only 24 pts over 3rd place finisher Tom Moore, Jr. # 59, of Smyrna, DE.  It was the best finish for Curtis since in this class.  Moore on the other hand ran his first full year at Delmar.  Moore liked racing at DIS and decided to run the whole year over going to Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey and it seems to have paid off with this change.  Curtis had Moore both had 3 wins apiece.  Fourth went to Scott Baker # 342, Seaford, DE, and Westley Smith # 98, of Delmar, DE.  Both of these drivers had 1 win each and their first career win for both.  Sixth through 10th were Scott Calhoun # 6, Shawn Ward, # 14K, Kyle Fuller # 68, Billy Carr # 29 and Matt Hawkins #38; each won at least 1 feature win with the exception of Carr. 


The Modified Lite division track championship went to Brandon Dennis # 10, of Harrington, took his 3rd straight track Championship title.  Dennis didnít really walk away with the championship but did have a good advantage lead over 2nd place Tim White, # 93, of Salisbury, MD.  Dennis had 4 wins and a lot of top 5ís.  White had 4 wins too.  Third place winner young Tyler Reed # 72, of Laurel, made an impressive run in his first full time competing at Delmar.  Reed proved it didnít matter what condition the track was in, when he visited victory lane 5 times total this year.  If the track was dry, tacky, heavy, he could run with no trouble and won.  Curt Miles, Jr. # 21JR, of Saxis, VA finished 4th, 5th to young James Hill  # 1 who had 1 win all season.  6th through 10th were Ray Gulliver # 3D (Redbud69racing.com Rookie of the Year), Billy Thompson # 10B ran his first full season this year.  Next went to Kirk Miles, Sr. # 21, Kevin McKinney # 75 was 9th and had 5 trip to victory lane; Jason Musser rounded the top 10 drivers. 


 The US13 Kart Club Track will have their annual Banquet & Awards Ceremony on Jan. 22, 2011 at the Ellendale Fire Hall.  A visit to their web at www.dekarting.net has any information if interested in the details.  A complete run down of the pointís leaders for both the Club and State races can be found on the tracks web site or visit them on Facebook too.


Even though the racing has ended for now there is plenty to still go over. Next month we will tackle the rest of the divisionsí champions in Super Late Model, Crate Models.  Tracks are working on their schedules already, Winternationals will be soon, NASCAR back in Feb, lots to come.


The Delaware Motorsports Complex is located in Delmar, DE just off Rt. 13 (DuPont Hwy), the right side of hi-way when going south.  Just before the Maryland & Delaware line. 


To keep up with all your Delaware racing visit www.redbud69racing.com or visit the largest racing message board on the shore at http://redbud69racing.proboards2.com/index.cgi.  Follow us on face book, too.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas, see you next year.  See you at the track! 






Brad Trice # 33 Redbud69racing.com Big Block Modified Rookie of the Year racing Jordan Watson # 1J


AC Delco Modified Drivers Shawn Ward # 14K, and Mike White# 57